Promotional Tool Kit

Help us meet this historic moment with momentum

The HERO Registry welcomes support from hospitals and health systems, professional societies, key opinion leaders, and others to help us unite healthcare workers in our research community.

Here are tools to help you spread the word about the HERO Registry and encourage healthcare workers to join:

  • Share the HERO Registry website and the @HeroesResearch Twitter and Facebook handles widely. You can use our social media kit to get you started.
  • *Use the HERO HCQ press release template to announce your site's enrollment in the trial with your local communication channels. The release focuses on why study hydroxychloroquine, the trial design, and a video from Susanna Naggie, MD, HERO-HCQ Principal Investigator. *NEW*
  • *Share this video featuring Susanna Naggie, MD, HERO-HCQ Principal Investigator, who talks about hydroxychloroquine and addresses the safety of the drug and the trial. *NEW*
  • *Read, download, and share this flyer on what we know and don't know about hydroxychloroquine. *NEW*
  • *Share your story. We invite all healthcare heroes, as well as their family, friends, and fans to share a message of support. Your story can inspire others to join the HERO Registry to address the problems our healthcare heroes face in real time—and over time. *NEW*
  • Include the HERO Registry press release or news item on your own website, newsletter, and other communication channels.
  • Use the HERO email template for healthcare leaders to invite heroes at your institution to join the registry.
  • Use the Hero to Hero sample email or text messages for healthcare workers to invite other healthcare workers to join the registry.
  • Talk about HERO research to others. Here is an overview slide deck you can use to tell the HERO research program story.
  • Read and share frequently asked questions about the HERO research program.
  • Post the HERO flyer and poster in staff work areas. You can also distribute the HERO postcard to healthcare workers at your institution.
  • Download a HERO digital screensaver to upload on staff computer monitors.
  • Place one of the HERO promotional banners on your website.
  • Use the HERO logo and PowerPoint template for any materials you develop to share the HERO Registry with your stakeholders.

For questions about promotional materials, please contact Jenny Cook at For questions about the HERO Registry or HERO-HCQ trial, contact

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